About MsArogyam

About us

Kshar-sutra Treatment for Piles,Fistula

MS Arogyam Ano-Rectal Kshar-Sutra Surgery Center 

Ms Arogyam is a Kshar-Sutra center speatialised for the Treatment fo Piles, Fistula-in-ano ,Fissures ,Rectal Polyp , anal condyloma etc. By Kshar-Sutra an Ayurvedic Surgical Process with High accuracy and Efficacy without any Side effects as compared to any other processes by other Medical processes.

We have our vision and hard-work for providing the best and cheap treatment with Ayurveda Medicine and other Ayurvedic processes Like Sira-vedh , Rakth mok-chana ,Jaloka  etc.


By Dr.Dheeraj Yadav

(Ano-rectal Surgeon ,Kshar-Sutra)


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