Dr.Dheeraj yadav

Dr.Dheeraj Yadav : 

Dr Dheeraj Yadav (kshar-sutra surgeon) for Piles, fistula, fissures treatment

Dr Dheeraj Yadav (kshar-sutra surgeon)

B.A.M.S., C.K.S.

(Kshar-Sutra Surgeon Specialist)

M.Director MsArogym-(Ayurveda & Kshar-Sutra Center)

and (The MedicScientist Organization)

Author in MedicScientist (Health Portal & E-Medicine)

Ex H.O. (Swami Kalyan Dev Govt Ayu College & Hospital)

R.O.T.P.  (Deptt. of Ayush Govt. of India)

Contact and Social Info:- 

MsArogyam Kshar-sutra Ayurveda Treatment

MsArogyam Kshar-sutra Ayurveda Treatment

E-Mail: info@msarogyam.com

E-Mail: dr.dheerajyadav@msarogyam.com

Ph:+91-9219434343,      Mo:+91-9412637645

Dr.Dheeraj Yadav @ fb:-  https://facebook.com/Dr.DheerajYadav

Dr.Dheeraj Yadav @ Google+  Dr.Dheeraj Yadav +

Dr.Dheeraj Yadav @ twitter  http://twitter.com/Dr_DheerajYadav

MedicScientist @fb:- http://facebook.com/MedicScientist

MsArogyam @ fb:  http://facebook.com/MsArogyam

MedicScientist @ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Medic_Scientist

Words By Dr.Dheeraj Yadav 

Dr.Dheeraj Yadav — Helping other is gives an internal satisfaction , That’s the main reason, why people help others, (technically they all are selfish mean they did for their own satisfaction) so do I…..,

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